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And also it reminds you that you're no longer with them so you don’t have to care anymore. And answers of anything other than ‘just hanging out at mine wanna come over? This mutual is more friends with your ex than you and is likely only still ‘friends’ with you so your ex can check in on what you’re up to) informs them about your new job/flat/appearance on local television. Then, a few minutes later, they’ll text you with a much kinder ‘I just miss you’, which actually explains nothing apart from they’re thinking about you way too much and should probably get a hobby. The faux-drunk one Complete with misspellings that your ex has laboriously typed in to avoid them being autocorrected, they send this one to make you feel like they’re out having loads of fun, so much fun that they only think of you when they’re incredibly drunk. Not because the text jolts you, but because you simply don't care that much anymore....

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