Updating speedstream dsl ethernet modem

The Siemens modem works just fine with my new DSL ISP.I want to configure the Siemens modem but Internet Explorer browser can not connect with it using the »speedstream URL.Lanclos specializes in a variety of subjects including business, personal finance, technology, health and fitness.He holds a Bachelor of General Studies from the University of Louisiana.

I am no longer with AT&T DSL but am now with DSL Extreme ISP & using the same modem and filters from AT&T.

I have searched the web to find out how to connect with the Siemens but can find nothing that works so far.

Do I need to update the Firmware in the Siemens modem. Open your Internet Exploreror Netscape Navigator Web browser.3.

The "reset" button on back of modem is not there and covered with a white strip or label where it might have once been. sp3thanksjim I think this is the address you need » . This might help you: »AT&T Midwest/Ameritech FAQ »Where are the Line Stats in a 5100b or 4100? trying to run diagnostics on my modem as layed out in the Siemens PDF manual: To establish a connection from your computer to the Router:1. In the Addressbar, enter the default router IP address: »speedstreamand press Enter. can not dispay the page so I can not get into the modem as described in their manual. This is just part of a larger effort to improve the DSL performance of my system or ISP.thank you for being interested,jim If I understand correctly, you have a router and the Speedstream and you want to get into the modem's config.

Thisdisplays the “ Gateway Administrator Setup” window. If so, you will have to bypass the router (assuming you haven't done so already) and connect the modem directly to one of your computers.


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