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Benjamin "Ben" Boykewich is the son of Leo Boykewich and Sarah Helen Boykewich. In the beginning of the series, Ben is pining over Grace, a pretty blonde cheerleader going out with a football player.He was also the father of Mercy Boykewich, whom he shared with his ex-wife Adrian Lee. Ben begins to pursue Amy after his best friends, Alice and Henry, point her out at school.By the end of the season, both Ricky and Ben know the truth, remain supportive, but are fighting for Amy's affections.

"I was really satisfied when I read the final few scenes and especially when they were shot on set. But it's a more ambiguous ending, it's not a fairy tale, but I think it's perfect." How does it feel going into the final episode? I remember when the first season was airing, so it's kind of surreal. In the first season he was earnest and a single-minded high school freshman who wanted to lose his virginity. Baumann: Daren and I had a "sort of" fight scene that was hilarious.

Working in Leo's butcher shop has led to him being friends with Ricky, which has been good.

On the home front, Ben has a new stepmom in Betty, but he's also having a lot more tension with his dad.

we discuss gaming and such with prominent figures in the pop-culture arena. Along with writer Gabe Durham, Baumann is helping to launch a series of 33 1/3-style books called Boss Fight Books, each focused on a single classic video game.

He stars in ABC Family’s The Secret Life Of The American Teenager, and his first novel, Solip, was recently published by Tyrant Books.


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