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Unfortunately, most Australians have not had the privilege of visiting these special places.Such a visit radically expands a person's understanding of Australian history as something that goes much, much deeper than our shallow, colonial roots of the last few hundred years.Housed in an early 17th-century building in the heart of Stockholm’s Old Town, Hotel Sven Vintappare offers rooms with flat-screen TVs and Gustavian-style furnishings. All the traditional guest rooms at Sven Vintappare Hotel feature exposed wooden beams and a pantry with china dinner sets.Each room has a private bathroom with shower and heated marble floors.The former England football coach, 65, said he first encountered the presenter while sitting at the next table to her at a party hosted by a national newspaper but did not realise she was “a famous television celebrity in England”.After the affair was made public, Dell’Olio, his girlfriend at the time, “tried to keep up appearances,” having “got it into her head that nothing had happened between Ulrika and me,” he wrote in his memoir, which is serialised in the Mail on Sunday. She claimed Dell’Olio, 52, was “aggressive” with Goran-Eriksson and that when she asked him on the phone if he was OK after the Italian lawyer found out about their relationship, he had replied, “Well, I'm still alive.” The couple had stayed together, Jonsson suggested, because “he was scared of her.” Jonsson, 46, was also scathing about her former lover, saying he "made love by numbers" and was devoid of passion.She told The Sun: “"Putting together a Billy bookcase would probably have left me more satisfied.

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Under the direction of the cellist Jan Vogler, it is one of the most important chamber music festivals in the world.

The breakfast was ok and it is surprisingly quiet for being in such a busy, touristy area.

Marit, who was the hotel front desk and small restaurant manager/cook/server (all-in-one) was so helpful to us and her English is excellent.

What I do recall, was what he said in response: “You know, you should consider using the International Dating method.” No, this is not a suggestion for a method I might use in order to meet and date attractive women from overseas. I went home, my mind started thinking about what Sven had suggested.

What he was suggesting is writing dates as YYYY-MM-DD or year first with a hyphen and then the day. It first it struck me that this dating method was a bit odd and perhaps unworkable.


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