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Cast: Jamie Bell, Sophia Myles, Claire Forlani, Ciarán Hinds, Lucy Holt, Jamie Sives, Maurice Roëves, Ewen Bremner, Kirsty Shepheard.

Screenplay: David Mackenzie and Ed Whitmore (based on the novel by Peter Jinks). audiences, during its Fall 2008 release, the movie has been retitled Mister Foe, but I cannot think why: the new title loses its odd flavor while gaining nothing in the directions of clarity, poetry, or meaning.

Similarities with Mackenzie's breakthrough film, Young Adam, abound: both deal with sex and death in Scottish settings, and both feature brooding, isolated young men.

There are hints, too, of Hitchcock's Vertigo in Hallam's quest to bring his mum back to life.

Kate bears a striking resemblance to his late mother.

He manages to persuade her to give him a job as a kitchen porter in the hotel.

Hallam Foe is so self-consciously a left field British Indie, at times it seems close to self-parody.

After a lurid altercation with his father's distinctly dodgy lover, Hallam jumps ship and goes to the big city, where he quickly becomes obsessed with a female stranger who resembles his mother, and struggles with the loss of innocence and tensions of adolescence.Most surprising of all, however, I came away paraphrasing chimney sweep Dick Van Dyke's wistful, whispered line from Mary Poppins: "On the rooftops of Edinburgh - cor, what a sight!Jamie Bell is Hallam Foe, a troubled young man whose knack for voyeurism paradoxically reveals his darkest fears, and his most peculiar desires.Sophia, 27, who was Lady Penelope in Thunderbirds – and is the lucky girl who is dating Doctor Who himself, David Tennant – says having to strut her stuff in front of Billy Elliot actor and accomplished hoofer Jamie Bell, 20, in the forthcoming movie Hallem Foe was the most embarrassing moment of her career.“It’s funny because the hardest scene to shoot in this film was one where I had to dance in front of Jamie,” says Sophia, who prevously dated actor Charles Dance, 30 years her senior. I was more worried about that than the rest of it because I don’t have much confidence when it comes to breaking out moves on the dance floor.Driven to expose the true cause of his mother's death, he instead finds himself searching the rooftops of the city of Edinburgh for love.


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