Pagdating ni macarthur sa pilipinas

Si Sergio Osmeña (Setyembre 9, 1878 – Oktubre 19, 1961), higit na kilala ngayon bilang Sergio Osmeña, Sr.

ang ikalawang pangulo ng Komonwelt ng Pilipinas (1 Agosto 1944 – 28 Mayo 1946). at lolo nina Senador Sergio Osmeña III, John Osmena, dating Gobernador Lito Osmena ng Cebu at Mayor Tomas Osmena.

The picture in question, made by LIFE's Carl Mydans on Jan.

9, 1945, shows Mac Arthur striding ashore onto "Blue Beach," Dagupan, on the island of Luzon, Lingayen Gulf, in the Philippines. [T]he slip of paper I found in my hand had the one word, "Stills." I was the only still photographer, except for the military, on the Boise.

That Mydans' photograph does not capture return to the Philippines—the return that Mac Arthur promised in his single most famous utterance—hardly detracts from its significance. I was loaded into the same landing craft with Mac Arthur, and I went ashore with him.

In fact, even more so than the pictures of Mac Arthur at Leyte in October 1944, when the general first returned to the Philippines after escaping from Corregidor two years before, Mydans' photograph of the general and his comrades in the surf at Luzon seems to capture and perfectly distill something elemental about Mac Arthur's magnetism and his larger-than-life persona. While the last of the battle for Leyte was still being fought Mac Arthur's public information officer called us together and said, "Mac Arthur will go to the Luzon assault on the USS Boise. You'll draw lots out of a helmet." A captain tore up paper, and everybody put his hand in and took out a piece. The story of what happened there has been told and retold many times, incorrectly.

Isang kamikaze ang bumagsak sa Australian heavy cruiser HMAS Australia noong 21 ng Oktubre, at nagplano ng suicide attack na nagsimula noong 25 ng Oktubre.

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Dahil dito, wala ng ibang alternatibo kundi ang pagsuko sa mga Hapon.

Douglas Mac Arthur when it came to either influence or controversy.

Patton, no American who rose to prominence during the Second World War could compete with Gen.

King naman ang siyang naatasang mamuno sa pakikipagdigmaan sa Bataan.

Unti-unting naramdaman ng kawal ng mga Amerikano ang paghina ng kanilang hukbo laban sa mga atake ng bansang Hapon.


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