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DEAR ABBY: I'm a 57-year-old male who has been thrust back into the dating scene.

I'm financially secure, in good health and have a good career.

My male friends tell me to quit looking for a long-term commitment and just date for sex. My age-old question is: How does a person find a happy balance in this dating world?

-- DATING SCENE IN ARIZONA DEAR DATING SCENE: "Dating" means different things to different people.

If Geralt leaves the inn and heads north at this time, he will see a group of men threatening to rape her.

If he approaches, he must decide whether or not to help her.

An Indiana student asked to bring his 93-year-old great-grandma to the big dance in 2015, according to NBC.

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Vesna is vulnerable to attacks, so make sure you direct monsters away from her (she can still knife-fight in a pinch, though - let her pick off stunned enemies).

As we've said before, heterosexual guys and girls can't really be friends, because in almost every situation at least one party is just biding their time until the other person lets their guard down and finally lets them smash.

The friend zone (a term which we object to on principle but will use for convenience sake here) can be a chill place when you and your guy friend have both agreed that's where you'd like to be, but as literally every sad Reddit commenter has taught us, a lot of guys are only in the friend zone because they don't know how to get out if it.

I see a female therapist who says I just haven't met the right person yet, and I agree.

I have a female friend in a similar situation who has become so bitter she now avoids men completely.


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