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Of course, the first two relationships usually cost money to establish and maintain, and within all of these professional relationships the range of topics you might be able or inclined to discuss is probably narrower than the full scope of what you might want to talk about within the more natural relationships you have with emotional intimates like friends or family.

However, no matter how close you might be to any of these friends and family, your relationships with them are legally vulnerable.

There are few people one can truly confide in without worrying about possible compelled disclosure later on.

Though the examples vary slightly from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, typical examples of confidential relationships include those with lawyers, therapists, and clergy.

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I don’t mean that any of these people would freely blab about what we talked about if they were asked; I mean that they could legally be compelled to do it.

No, this is not some abdication of my feminist, independent spirit.

It’s the result of some musing that led to the realization that there really isn’t anyone in my life I can truly confide in.

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