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Tom stresses to her that her therapy does not allow her to play God to bring back the dead, and that there are dire consequences if she tries to do so. In this episode, Gary (Erica's father) wears a shirt with a drawing of the Vulcan salute and the Vulcan greeting "Live Long and Prosper" on it. Presumably, it means that Gary is a fan of the television series "Star Trek" and its spin-off series and movies.But it is also a reference to Gary's profession; Gary is a rabbi, and the Vulcan gesture was created by Spock actor Leonard Nimoy, who took the hand motion from a ritual gesture that is a traditional part of a Jewish prayer called the Birkat Kohanim. I cried several times because the struggle of characters is so well presented."You guys were glowing with happiness Hannah said in a teasing voice. "Okay this is a new year and new season" Jim started out." Well I might have a crush on him, but it's not like he has the same feelings for me. In Leo's dressing room "Dude getting it on with Olivia I see Swag! "I know we lost our dear friend Alex, but he would want us to do just as well without him here.When the duo got to the set Mateo and Dylan grabbed Leo and dragged him into his dressing room just like Hannah and Grace did.(Mateo is Jerry, Dylan is Milton, Hannah is Julie, and Grace is Grace) "Hey girl what did Leo say he put his arm around your shoulder" Grace and Hannah pretty much screamed when they finally got to Olivia's dressing room. "Why haven't you asked her out" the duo yelled again.Erica Kane is a fictional character from the American ABC Daytime soap opera All My Children.

But the fact that December 13th is approaching is weighing heavily on her mind, that date being the anniversary of Leo's death, which is still her biggest regret in life.Plus, if there was ever a time for an unapologetically statement gown, the Emmy Awards is it!If you've never considered yellow as an evening wear option before, allow Heidi to promptly change your mind.Leo died at the age of 21 in a barn fire at her grandmother's farm, the fire that appears to be an accident of Leo's own doing.The farm is now the unofficial grave site where the family visits only once a year to mourn.This task ends up being difficult for Barb, who cannot let go of how she grieves for her son.


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