Cpanellogd updating bandwidth high cpu

All this means is that we need to reduce the amount of resources consumed by your site, plugins, images, etc.I was able to fix this by blocking unwanted crawlers through a convenient .htaccess list, limiting crawl rules in Wordfence, cleaning my database, minimizing plugins, enabling the Heartbeat Control plugin, enabling Cloudflare, and even tweaking my cache plugin settings.All SSL traffic should be sent directly to Apache because this is the only easy way of making sure the certificates etc, work in c Panel, so also make sure you log all static/dynamic requests from apache if it’s served over SSL (This is as simple as using the _SSL access log files in c Panel).The problems above, isn’t really needed to calculate the bandwidth used in c Panel, because c Panel use something called Every 15 minutes or so, c Panel runs it’s internal bandwidth calculator, it’s a tool called cpanellogd, which is also the tool that handles the log processing in cpanel, both for bandwidth, webalizer, awstats etc.I’m going to be referencing this throughout my tutorial – so check to see if you have this and open it up so you can follow along. you can also use a plugin like WP Server Stats but AWStats is more detailed and definitely preferred.AWStats helps you find: In AWStats you might see bots spiders consuming a lot of bandwidth.Resource shortages can feel overwhelming and impossible to track down without adequate data to diagnose the problem.Servers inevitably have problems when their sys-admins are not watching.

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This will make sure that all requests is logged so you’ll also be able to use the access logs afterwards.Hosting companies want you to upgrade your plan which WILL work since you will be getting more server resources, but you should try these alternatives before reaching into your pocket.I use AWStats which is built-in to most c Panels (Site Ground, Bluehost, Godaddy) in the “statistics” section.In this case, you need to limit the number of emails retained on the server to free up disk space.This can be accomplish [...] Read More Configure and Manage Raw Access Logs in c Panel The increase in visitors to your website can be a great sign.So this blog post will go over how to fix Nginx bandwidth issue in c Panel.


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